The 2021-2022 challenge season, which ended on March 31, was a success. Our customers’ efforts to reduce their energy consumption really paid off!

A season of achievements

Hilo customers accumulated $166 in rewards and displaced 316.80 kWh over the season on average.

01 Challenges

The Hilo season

During this long, cold winter, we invited our customers to participate in 30 challenges from December to March.

This year, they accepted 30 challenges to reduce their energy consumption and help reduce pressure on the Hydro-Québec grid during peak periods.
02 Rewards

More rewards

Thanks to the commitment of Hilo community members, this season was a flurry of well-deserved rewards!

An average of $0 per challenge

Total average reward of$0for all challenges

At this amount, the initial investment pays off quickly.
Small Home

Small Home $0

Medium Home

Medium Home $0

Large Home

Large Home $0

03 Energy displaced

Energy efficiency

Hilo is also a great way to help the planet by reducing energy demand during cold weather. By acting as a virtual power plant, Hilo can release electricity to meet the demands of the grid.

Our customers each displaced an average of316.8 kWhover the season.

That’s equal to219 dryer cycles per customer.

04 Participation
A collective effort

Our clients are committed to the planet and to taking action. They accepted 98% of our challenges.

Since most challenges were accepted in Bold mode, this shows a real desire to reduce energy consumption.

0%An average challenge success rate of


0%Bold mode

05 Summary
Together, we can do more!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Hilo movement and helped to accelerate Québec’s energy transition.

The Hilo challenge season by the numbers

Average satisfaction rate


Average participation rate in challenges


Average success rate of challenges


Average total reward per customer for all challenges


Average reward per challenge


Average power reduction per challenge


Average curtailment per home for all challenges

Challenges from December 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022

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